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Find our complete collection of shirts for the office, from the simplest to the most dressy, with and without musketeer handles, cut-away collar or short collar. At Première Manche, we first make formal shirts with a slightly fitted cut and classic materials : Among the classic materials, poplin, oxford, twill, pinpoint, end-on-end, herringbone and dobby. What makes a shirt beautiful is first of all its texture and then the characteristics of each texture. The texture ranges from the simplest (poplin the most neutral, flat and basic fabric) to the most visible herringbone or twill which can have a very visible texture. But at Première Manche, we also make casual shirts that are perfect for all your outings, for holidays and weekends. If you are looking for original materials, fabrics that you enjoy bringing out year after year and timeless basics, then you have come to the right place.