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Flannel shirts

Flannel is a soft, fluffy fabric, originally made exclusively of wool and now made of wool or brushed cotton. Theoretically reserved for the warmer seasons because they are thicker, flannel shirts for men have become so popular that it is not uncommon to see them worn as an overshirt from September to June. Technically, flannel is a brushing of cotton to bring out the "hairs". This implies that the fabric is made with larger and thicker cotton threads. But a thicker thread is generally a less resistant and less densely woven thread, resulting in more fragile fabrics. The talent of the Première Manche team is to offer you a selection of resistant men's flannels with a soft and unique touch. They come either from Japan, Italy or Portugal. The thickness of the flannels varies, but at Première Manche, we tend to consider that the thicker the flannel, the more beautiful it is, as long as it is soft. So we like shirts that are warm but still lighter than a plaid. You will find here our selection of flannels, most of which are exclusive. You will like them for sure.


What is cotton flannel?

A flannel is a particularly soft fabric that has been specially brushed to obtain a soft, fluffy, fuzzy texture. This brushing is usually done on one side for shirt fabrics, but there are fabrics brushed on both sides, especially for household linen. Initially, flannel was a fabric made with wool, since the beginning of the twentieth century, flannel is increasingly made with cotton, sometimes even mixed with silk. Its soft and comfortable feel makes it the perfect fabric to keep you warm all winter. Men's flannel is often embellished with plaid or tartan patterns. It is the most popular fabric for winter. Flannel has been made since the 17th century and most likely originated in Wales.

When can I wear flannel?

Because flannel is a warm, soft-touch fabric, it's generally a fabric you'll keep for cold seasons and wrap up in. A flannel shirt is like an oxford shirt with a thin down coat added to it. You can wear it from October to May or even in summer if it's cold. For this type of fabric, color combinations work in the same way as for an Oxford or poplin shirt, although the colors of a flannel shirt are generally close to fall colors (brown, beige, rust). And the associations with jeans, sweater or chino are simple.

How to care for your Première Manche flannel shirt?

A flannel is like good wine, it gets better with time... if it is well cared for. What stands out with our flannels is the softness of the fabric when you receive it. And this softness (good news) should not fade. The maintenance of a flannel is done as for a normal shirt: a machine wash at cold or 30 degrees is recommended (it can even be dry cleaned but it is not mandatory). Cotton being a natural material, the heat (beyond 40°) damages the fiber which may contract, shrink and eventually break. No particular precautions are required, but simply wash at low temperatures and do not dry.

Does flannel wrinkle easily?

No. Flannel does not wrinkle very much. But flannel shirts are mostly plain and dark (gray flannel, navy flannel, brown flannel, burgundy flannel) so wrinkles are less visible.

The Scottish (Tartan) or Canadian (lumberjack) patterns

The tartan is a pattern originating from Scotland composed of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines of several different colors. It is the main pattern of the flannel with the plain flannels. Every year, we try to offer one or more tartan or lumberjack patterns that are easily wearable.

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Formal sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 73 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 74 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 75 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 76 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 77 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 78 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 78 48.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70

Casual sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 70 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 71 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 72 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 74 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 75 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 76 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 76 49.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70
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