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Casual shirts

Our Casual shirts are made of Oxford, Denim, Chambray, Flannel or Linen. A little shorter in length so that they can be worn outside the pants, their collar is slightly less open (the points are a little closer together) than on our formal shirts to give a more modern look. The collar is held upright by two hidden buttons, completely invisible. The tri-fold on our men's casual shirts is less rigid than on office shirt collars to keep a less structured look: discover also our more original collars like the officer collars. Everything has been thought to make these shirts your favorite shirts. The collection is renewed monthly and in limited quantities depending on the activity and the season. The manufacturing is done in Portugal or in the Baltic States.



There are two main categories of shirts: formal shirts, reserved for the office and ceremonies, interviews, appointments or weddings, to be worn tucked into pants with a jacket and tie and those that interest us here: casual shirts intended to be worn in a more casual setting.


The men's casual shirt: the material

What differentiates casual shirts is first of all the material: matte, thicker and more marked than for formal shirts. A beautiful casual shirt for men is first of all a beautiful texture that comes from regions famous for their fabrics (Japan, Portugal or Italy) and in which there is a real know-how. Among the main casual materials, we find denim, flannel, oxford or chambray. Each material has its code, its style. The casual shirt in Oxford for example is often associated with a chino and white sneakers, and a small pocket on the left side. It can also be worn as an overshirt with a white tee shirt or under a sweater and a jacket.

The casual oxford shirt

The oxford shirt is available in plain or striped light blue or navy blue; it is also available in several white variants: the Japanese selvedge white, woven on century-old looms with a two-tone selvedge edge, or the thick white oxford, one of our most beautiful products, or the more classic white with original details such as horn or wooden buttons. Season after season, the range grows and is renewed to offer essential models, true quintessences of the original oxford.

The casual flannel shirt

The flannel shirt, often plain in winter and warm colors (rust, gray, brown, dark blue, ecru, hunting green) is also present in its various versions with lumberjack type checks: the red check of the Canadian lumberjack, the green plaid called tartan or different types of checks that modernize the shirt. Our flannels come from two main regions: Portugal and the Porto area and Japan, both of which specialize in flannel. To a lesser extent, Italy makes flannels that are perfect for more basic, plain, but less original designs.

The casual denim shirt

The denim shirt, in cowboy version with double pockets, snaps, front yokes and rounded back or its European version, the casual chic denim shirt to be worn tucked into pants or with a jacket. These are the two models that we tried to recreate by making the best of denim fabrics: not rough, very resistant and with an original texture but not coarse like a basic shirt from _&_.

The casual chambray shirt

The chambray shirt is a slightly thinner version of the denim shirt. It has a fairly uniform weave but its threads are alternately blue (or gray) and unbleached giving an irregularity to the fabric that makes its particularity. The chambray is a shirt totally adapted to all seasons; we find chambray fabrics more or less thick. Our plain chambray model is thick while being breathable, our models with stripes more or less wide are rather reserved for the summer because thinner.

Finally, among the fabrics, there are more formal fabrics that we revisit in a casual version with original details such as selvedge seams (see our range of selvedge fabrics) or our officer collars that give a casual touch to elegant fabrics. There is also velvet, an essential winter fabric that can be worn over a shirt.

The men's casual shirt: the collar

What differentiates a casual shirt is then its collar: because it does not need a tie, it is smaller, less open and has a less rigid collar with ideally hidden buttons and with or without a chest pocket. The casual collar will always be buttoned (hidden buttons or visible buttons) and with us, the buttons are all hidden; some models have visible buttons and the collar is called "button down".


The men's casual shirt: the cut and finishes

We could not address the theme of the casual shirt without mentioning its cut. There are two schools of thought; those who think that a casual shirt should be straight and wide, a bit like a 70's shirt (without being cliché) and those who think that a casual shirt should be a slim fit casual shirt! Our range of shirts is slim fit. Not that it's too slim, but it's fitted properly, enough to be worn close to the body; our shirts are slightly less slim fit for larger sizes (over 39). Our casual shirts can be worn both inside and outside the pants. Finally, all the shirts on this page are high end models with mother of pearl, horn or wood buttons and are in limited collections.

Men's casual shirts: patterns

Our casual range is mainly divided into plain and checked products. More exceptionally, some of our casual models are striped (oxfords and chambrays in particular) or patterned (camouflage) or some printed models. These are all products that you will enjoy keeping for years.

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Formal sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 73 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 74 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 75 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 76 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 77 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 78 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 78 48.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70

Casual sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 70 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 71 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 72 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 74 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 75 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 76 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 76 49.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70
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