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Oxford shirts

Oxford is a special type of weave that closely resembles micro mats. During weaving, the threads pass not under 1 thread of the vertical weft but under 2 threads which makes the relief more visible. It also has the particularity of having its weft threads in white or beige color which contrast with the warp thread. Oxford is the king of casual fabrics. Perfect with jeans or chinos, with white trainers or dressed up under a jacket, it goes everywhere. Our collection of Oxford shirts is made up of plain fabrics (white, light blue, blue-grey and navy blue) and striped fabrics (small blue or red stripes). Our casual oxford shirts are available with Italian collar (short collar), officer collar or American collar (button-down) and the majority of our fabrics come from Italy and Portugal, some limited collections have more exotic origins (Japan) . For our range of oxford shirts, when the buttons are white, they are all in quality mother-of-pearl with no yellow reflection and the slightly brown fabrics with darker veins are in horn. The weight and titration of the shirts is indicated on each product page.


Oxford shirt: the origin

Originating in the city of Oxford in England, Oxford cloth was invented at the end of the 17th century. The oxford has long been the uniform of polo players thanks to its solidity, its elasticity and its ability to crease little, giving it an elegant and worldly image until the students of English and American universities appropriate it. and adapt it to student life. Bulkier and thicker than poplin, Oxford became more popular in Europe from the end of the 1970s and became the stereotype of “casual” fabric. It is one of the basics to have in your wardrobe. As with all fabrics, there are several different characteristics and in particular the diameter of the yarn that makes up the Oxford will determine the general appearance of the fabric. The finer the thread, the less the weft will be visible and the more the fabric will have a formal appearance.

How to Wear an Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirts we offer are easy to match, durable and timeless. They come mainly from Europe (Italy or Portugal) and Japan. In Italy, the best Oxfords, basic white and blue fabrics. In Portugal, the most relaxed Oxfords and in Japan the slightly special, more mottled textures.

With a suit or a chic outfit, the Oxford allows you to break the overly dressed side of the outfit. The slightly grainy texture of the Oxford will bring a little relief to an outfit that is too flat. And that grainy look would pair just as well with a heavier textured suit like flannel. In terms of pants, the Oxford will be perfect with chinos because they come from the same preppy universe (bcbg).

How to recognize a good Oxford shirt

Almost every brand makes the Oxford shirt and their prices vary wildly; the most expensive fabrics are not necessarily the best. Oxford fabrics all tend to shrink, it's the weave that wants it. So make sure that the fabric has been pre-washed in the workshop before buying. This is the case with our Oxfords at Première Manche. A beautiful Oxford is then a beautiful texture with possibly a very slight mottled appearance. Because the Oxford is thicker, what we are looking for is a more rigid aspect (otherwise we would take a jersey to make it like a polo shirt). So don't go for a too thin Oxford that will have a bad hold. All the fabrics on this page are, in our opinion, the best in this range of fabrics.

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Formal sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 73 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 74 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 75 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 76 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 77 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 78 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 78 48.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70

Casual sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 70 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 71 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 72 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 74 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 75 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 76 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 76 49.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70
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