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Big size shirts

Are you looking for an extra large shirt? Première Manche has created shirts especially for you. Our shirts go up to 44, with a chest circumference of 129 cm and a waist circumference of 116.5 cm. More simply, this size corresponds to a ready-to-wear XXL. For the sizes below, the 43 is equivalent to an XL, and the 42 to an L. At Première Manche, we have developed these cuts so that they are perfectly fitted to the largest sizes, while leaving what is necessary of comfort to leave you free of your movements. And in terms of comfort, we really thought of everything: the neck circumference of the Première Manche shirts is wider than the actual neck circumference, to be comfortable in all circumstances. For example, a shirt in size 41 has a neck circumference of 42 cm. To know all the measurements of our shirts, refer to our size guide! On this page you will find all the large sizes of shirts above size 42. You can filter them by size according to the desired size.