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Straight cut shirts

The straight cut or classic cut shirt has, as its name suggests, a straight fall. Unlike a slim or fitted cut, it is therefore not tightened at the level of the belly (or at least less fitted). It is the most classic model in the world of shirts. Its advantage? This cut highlights all morphologies, without exception. Comfortable, easy to wear and match, the straight cut shirt, sometimes called the regular cut, is an obvious choice for many. At Première Manche, we also like comfort and easy-to-wear shirts. That's why we created a cut that suits everyone: our shirts hang well and wear easily! Slightly fitted, without darts in the back, they perfectly match the shape of your body, whatever your morphology. Indeed, the bending is less important in the larger sizes. So, whatever your size, there will always be a Première Manche shirt to suit you!