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Office shirts

Our formal shirts are what you would expect from a beautiful shirt: a soft, non-transparent fabric made exclusively of double-twisted cotton (meaning the yarn is doubled before it is woven) from reputable mills. Most of our formal fabrics are made in the Florence region of Italy. The fabrics are durable, well structured and will not wrinkle excessively, even after hours of wear. Our formal shirts are fitted and have a fairly open collar halfway between the Italian collar and the cut-away collar perfect for wearing with or without a tie. When unbuttoned, the collar is kept straight by two hidden buttons (buttoned under the placket) under the collar and completely invisible. The finishing of these models is in line with what we expect from a luxury shirt: fine stitching of 7 stitches per cm and solid (English stitching), cross buttons and raised on their stems to facilitate buttoning, reinforcement swallows, aligned patterns, mother-of-pearl buttons, rigid thermobonding to give a luxurious look to the shirt and finally removable wooden collar stays. On this page you will find all types of formal fabrics for men: poplin, oxford (fine grain), twill (discreet stripes), pinpoint, herringbone, fil-à-fil or dobby. The collections are renewed monthly with weekly restocking and new arrivals and are mainly made in Portugal.



There are two main categories of shirts: casual shirts, for a casual use (weekend, vacations, afterwork, evening, or informal setting) and formal shirts intended to be worn in a formal setting: at the office, during a meeting, a party, a dinner, an event, a wedding, an interview. These are shirts intended to be worn tucked into pants.

The formal shirt First Sleeve

The formal shirt is the core business of Première Manche since 2017 we try to design clothes that will be for you like a second skin. The initial idea of the brand was to offer to all those who need shirts for everyday life a set of very high quality shirts that could be worn not only at the office or at formal events but also after the work day i.e. afterwork or parties. At the time, already in the textile industry we were horrified to see that brands were selling average fabrics at more than 100€ or downright bad fabrics at 60€. We then launched a range of good mixed shirts (casual or formal) at low prices to go to the office without breaking the bank. Not only was the fabric of very good quality, but the finishing touches were exceptional thanks to strict specifications sent to the factory. Since then, the collections have been improving every year and we have come up with a strong model with prices that are still unbeatable. Those who come to us after testing everything know that there is no better value for money on the market. Our collection of formal shirts includes poplin, twill, yarn, herringbone, dobby and other fabrics.

Characteristics of a formal shirt

A beautiful formal shirt is first of all a beautiful material and cuts that suit most people.

The main materials are poplin, oxford, twill, pinpoint, herringbone, yarn or dobby. If you have to compare each fabric, each fabric has its own particularities. If it's a very simple office shirt, poplin will do; if it's a slightly thicker and less wrinkled shirt, more silky, go for twill or herringbone; if it's more mottled colors, go for a yarn to yarn and if the texture is not smooth, go for oxford or pinpoint or even dobby: our will is to offer you a varied choice whatever your fabric preferences are. The formal collar is an open or cut-away Italian collar, perfect with a tie, neither too open nor too closed and suitable for all types of faces.

Wear it with everything

Our formal shirts are perfect with any type of suit and with or without a tie, the collar opening is standard, a single or double or even triple knot will do. The materials remain classic, our shirts can be worn with a chino or even jeans.

And the price in all this?

We work hard to offer the best value for money. We have close partnerships with our factories and constantly monitor the quality of our products (both fabrics and finishes) in order to become the reference site for affordable luxury formal shirts.

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Formal sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 73 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 74 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 75 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 76 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 77 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 78 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 78 48.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70

Casual sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 70 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 71 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 72 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 74 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 75 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 76 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 76 49.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70
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