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Blue shirts for men

A must-have in the men's wardrobe, softer than the white shirt, the blue shirt is the "Swiss Army knife" of shirts: need a formal shirt for a meeting or the office, a plain blue shirt in threadbare will do the trick. Need a casual shirt to go with anything? A beautiful Japanese raw blue denim shirt is what you need. Need a shirt that stands out from the crowd? Try a light blue oxford with an officer collar or selvedge flaps. Need a dark but neutral shirt? Go with a dark blue flannel or navy oxford. One caveat: if you're wearing a suit, the shirt should always be lighter than the suit. Very easy to match, blue shirts are perfect for a darker or lighter suit, jeans or chino. And in any case, if you have a doubt, start on a blue shirt you can not go wrong, the choices are endless.



The blue shirt First Sleeve 

If the white shirt is the elegant shirt par excellence, the blue shirt is the most credible alternative to a beautiful white shirt.

Its shades from light blue to navy blue go with everything. Easier to associate than the white shirt because there is less contrast between a colored piece and a blue shirt than with a white shirt, the blue shirt remains the key element of your dressing room that you should have at least in 4 variations, 2 formal shirts and 2 casual shirts. In each case, overview of the possibilities:

The classic blue shirt

When choosing a formal shirt, it is first of all the fabric that you choose. For a blue formal shirt, the basic poplin is always the basic to keep in mind. But the disadvantages of poplin (very easy wrinkling if there is no chemical treatment) make many people avoid poplin and turn to twill or herringbone: with micro diagonal lines, twill and herringbone are easy care variants: easy ironing and limited wrinkling. The blue twill shirt is one of the office basics. However, be careful not to choose a blue twill that is too silky for the office. If we had to recommend two plain blue shirts for the office, we would suggest our blue twill shirt and the blue shirt without ironing. Both models are simple, all-purpose and you won't have any questions while wearing them.

Finally, the collar is the other element that should be taken into account when buying your blue shirt: a collar that is neither too big nor too short, adapted to all faces.

The casual blue shirt

Thicker, it leaves more room for original textures than the formal blue shirt. The blue casual shirt offers multiple combinations, from the light blue oxford shirt to the denim shirt or the chambray shirt. It is often found with a button-down collar (all our collars are buttoned, whether visible or invisible). The blue oxford shirt first, it is the casual shirt par excellence, the one you wear with a chino of different colors.

Our blue oxford shirts have a texture that is generally not very visible. The light blue oxford comes from Portugal and the blue oxford with double twisted stripes has little wrinkling and is of a rare quality for an oxford of this type. The denim shirt is available in a variety of colors, from raw blue (navy blue with ecru threads) to light blue (washed). Our denims come from Italy or Japan depending on the model? Italian fabrics are more classic, perfect to wear with a jacket. The Japanese ones are more "workwear" with an inimitable texture and a unique "grain". Don't hesitate to look at our chambray or flannel shirts, they are also our best sellers among blue shirts.

Shades of blue

While shades of blue range from sky blue to navy blue, here is an overview of the main colors or variations of blue in the collection, from lightest to darkest:

- Very light blue: light blue linen for summer paling, light blue faded yarn to yarn

- Light blue: Standard blue Oxford available with officer collar or classic collar.

- Blue: blue yarn, blue poplin (light), light blue twill, herringbone...

- Slightly darker blue: our range of blue yarn fabric, raw blue chambray

- Navy blue: navy blue oxford, navy blue flannel

- Midnight blue: midnight blue cotton poplin

The blue shirt is one of the basics that you will find in your wardrobe, there are a multitude of combinations and associations. When in doubt, start with a basic like blue chambray or very light blue denim for a casual blue shirt, or blue threadbare or even our blue poplin without ironing (non iron). You'll be won over.

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Formal sizes

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Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 73 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 74 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 75 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 76 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 77 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 78 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 78 48.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70

Casual sizes

Image poitrine Image taille Image longueur Image carrure Image manche
Size Cm POITRINE (Chest) TAILLE (Stomach) LONGUEUR (Length) CARRURE (Shoulders) MANCHES (Sleeves)
XS 36 97 83.5 70 43.8 62.5
37 101 87.5 71 44.8 63.5
S 38 105 92 72 45.8 64
39 109 96.5 74 46.8 65
M 40 113 100.5 75 47.8 66
L 41 117 104.5 76 48.8 67
XL 42 121 108.5 76 49.8 67
43 125 112.5 79 50.8 70
44 129 116.5 79 51.5 70
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